Sendout CARDS....Creating a revolution of kindness

Send Out Cards was founded in 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Kody Bateman. Send Out Cards is a member......

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Send Out Cards is the best customer appreciation and customer retention program in the world. SOC has......

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Whether you are sending a card to a friend, releative or business associate, you do it from the convenience of your......

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Everyone can benefit from using Send Out Cards. However, if you want to share Send Out Cards with others and get paid......

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WaveTown Marketing

Independent Marketing Representative for SendOut Cards.

Ross Motley is a South Carolinian and a long time Summerville resident. His background has been in the industrial sales field for almost four decades. He wanted to do something for himself and decided to move in another direction. A childhood friend introduced him to SendOut Cards a little over a year ago and he immediately saw the value in the program. He used it in his "day job" and increased his sales over 200% in one year. He attributes sending out cards on a regular basis to help solidify his relationships with his customers and the returns were evident. He then made the decision to start sharing the SendOut Cards story and program to people and businesses. He hasn't looked back since.


With the ability to custom make greeting cards along with SendOut Cards exclusive "Custom Card Back" branding, the card and gifting industry has taken on a whole new dimension. You design a quality card or choose from one of the thousands of available pre-designed cards, they print it, stuff it in a envelope and mail it. You never leave your computer, tablet or smart phone. The only question is......"Why wouldn't you start sending cards and gifts today!"

Sendout cards makes it easy! they are constantly changing with the market to make the art of gifting even better.