the simplicity of Sending cards

sendout cards gives you the flexability to choose or custom design you cards and add a gift if you want. It all depends on you!

Once you become a member, you will have access to the entire SendOut Cards website. There are over 18,000 pre-designed cards you can choose from in numerous catergories for both personal and business use. Another great advantage of the SendOut Cards system is your ability to create your own card in any card size offered. This can be your of your own customization to show something personal or design a card for business advertising. Look at the video below.


Designing your own picture plus card

sendout cards also gives you the option of designing your own card from a blank card. Check it out!


Designing your own custom card back

not only can you customize the front and inside of your card, sendout cards allows you to also custmize the back of your card.

Send a card for free!

want to try it first? click here or the picture then click on the drop down icon on the page and then send a card on me!



This is the most unique system to maintain a relationship with customers family and friends.