send out cards

Changing the card and gifting business forever and creating an online digital revolution

Send Out Cards was founded in 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Kody Bateman. Send Out Cards is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Kody's goal was to take the greeting card and gifting business from an off-line traditional brick and mortar environment to an online click and order environment, just like Amazon did for books, Netflix did for movies and iTunes did for music. These three billion dollar companies have been able to collapse inefficiencies in our marketplace. In other words, they have made our lives easier. Amazon has changed the way we purchase a lot of things. Instead of going to a store, we go online and order whatever we need from the comfort of our homes. The way we rent movies is totally different. Netflix allows us to watch any movie or TV show on demand. iTunes has done the same for the way we purchase music; It's hard to find a music store today. No one buys CDs. We buy tracks off albums from our phones and tablets. SendOutCards is doing the EXACT same thing in the greeting card and gifting industry. You don't have to go to the mall or shopping center to find a card and gift shop. Today, from the comfort of your home, office, phone or tablet, you can create a card and press send. SendOutCards will print it, stuff it, stamp it and mail it. The digital revolution is underway.

The largest taxi company owns no taxis. (Uber)
The largest telecom company owns no lines. (Skype)
The largest media owner creates no content. (Facebook)
The largest movie house owns no cinemas. (Netflix)
The largest software vendors do not create the apps. (Apple/Google)
And soon to be, the largest greeting card and gifting company that has no stores.
SendOutCards is the best customer appreciation and customer retention program in the world. SendOutCards has sent out over 120 millions greeting cards and over 5 million gifts over the past 13 years. No other company sends more first class mail than SendOutCards!

Send out cards makes it easy! they are constantly changing with the market to make the art of gifting even better.